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Q :Why should I get the influenza vaccine?

A :

Annual vaccination offers effective protection against influenza. While it does not offer 100% protection, vaccination does decrease your chance of getting influenza and also reduces the severity of the symptoms if you do catch the virus. Getting vaccinated also protects those around you, including pregnant women, babies and young children, older people and people with certain chronic health conditions.1,2)


  1. Flu (influenza) immunisation service [Internet]. Canberra: Department of Health; 2019 [updated 23/4/2019; cited 14/1/2020]. Available from:
  2. National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance. Influenza vaccines fact sheet [Internet]. [Updated March 2019; cited 14/1/2020]. Available from:

Q :Important things to remember this year with the Flu and COVID-19 vaccine

A :

The flu shot does not protect against COVID‐19:
 The most important thing is you cannot get the COVID-19 vaccination and the Flu shot at the
same time. You will need to have them 14 days apart. It is important to notify the
pharmacist if you have already had either of these shots.

Q :Does providing my details above secure a booking?

A :

No. You will still need to book either through our online booking system or in store once we advise that our vaccinations are available.

Q :How will I be advised when my local store has the vaccination available?

A :

We will send an email directly to the email registered above with a link for you to complete a booking at the appropriate time for you - alternatively, with the knowledge that your local store now has vaccination available you can head in store.

Q :What if my local store does not have online bookings?

A :

We will advise you that your local store has vaccinations available and you can give them a call to either book or discuss their clinic times.



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